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When building and managing applications, having repeatable and automated processes can enable you to focus on productive and exiting workflows thereby making the entire experience a pleasure to go through.

I run about 10 SaaS apps and 2 Serverless sites that require an S3 bucket for storage. These 12 s3 buckets have the same lifecycle rules and bucket configs that I managed manually for a couple of years.

Creating multiple S3 buckets with Terraform should be a really simple thing if you don’t mind unstructured and unmanageable code. Just set your “provider” configs and create a “resource” tag for each…

So not a long list this year, but still pretty pleased with the content and quality.

Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics” has to be the best read book I read this year. I’ll be sharing a little more about this in some future posts and also planning on going through all his books in 2020.

Nigel Cawthorne’s “Kings and Queens of England” and Martin Meredith’s “The Wealth of Africa” are my next 2 runner ups.

Here’s the list:


19. Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

5. Kings & Queens of England for the Saxon Kings to the House of Windsor by Nigel…

Mars Colony by Lockheed Martin

Business Overview

When navigating the future of Enterprise IT within the Cloud, key decisions made regarding the practice and adoption of specific technologies and eco-systems will result in either strategic advantages both in the long and short terms, or force a business to re-architect their IT infrastructure in order to remain competitive.

The lifecycle of growth and adoption of the Cloud usually follows a similar pattern for many businesses and IT architects or developers working on them. …

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Traditional architecture for static websites involved acquiring a domain through popular name registrars, signing up for hosting packages based on guesses of disk space, or provisioning your own server, making estimates on storage need and network capacity and then loading your own code or installing the latest version of WordPress to run your site.

This approach to architecture lacked scale and growth primarily at its core.

What this means is the success for the product would have been a disadvantage for the website. For example, if a blog skyrocketed in traffic and attracted hundreds of thousands of users, then servers…

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Of all my goals and resolutions from 2018, few turned out as satisfying as my 2018 reading goals. Back in 2017, I only read 13 books and going into 2018, I made plans to read more of what I wanted, as fast I wanted.

In 2018 I was finally able to develop a technique for reading that allowed me to dive deeper into my love for history, technology, theology and biographies of many inspirational people in history.

Here’s the list:


20. Crown of Blood(The deadly inheritance of Lady Jane Grey) by Nicola Tallis
9. Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World…

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Introduction: Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

Artificial Intelligence as a service, or AIaaS, is the on-demand delivery and use of AI and Deep learning capabilities towards an individual or business objective.

AIaaS provides cognitive computing capabilities such as language detection, image analysis and detection, text recognition, Natural language processing, facial expression, sentiment analysis etc.

Consuming AI as a service means that businesses and developers do not need to have in-house expertise to engage in research, development and training of AI models, instead they can harness the computing advantages of an AI and deep learning system that is already trained in a particular skill set.

For this…

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Unless I am convinced by scripture and by plain reason, I do not accept accept the authority of the popes and counsels, for the have often contradicted each other. I cannot, and will not recant anything. For to do so is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other. Help me God

— Martin Luther before the Diet of Worms

500Years ago, a spark was lit in the heart of Europe that fanned the flames of Christian conviction, boldness, fortitude and courage that recovered the Christian faith from mysticism and superstition and ushered in an age…


Do More

I’m thrilled to introduce, RuggedTasks, a modern task manager that makes it easy to capture ideas, manage tasks and collaborate in a productive way.

RuggedTasks is next product from Rugged I/O built to provide a lighter version of our fully featured project management tool, RuggedProjects, in order to primarily enable non-technical users to simply begin their tasks management work stream with ease.

The user experience has been streamlined by focusing on the 5 key areas below:

  1. Simple Sign Ups
  2. Real-time messenger
  3. Task Boards
  4. Team collaboration
  5. Made for freelances, teams and agencies

Quick Sign Ups

Signup on RuggedTasks is designed to be fast, delightful…

It’s time for amazing projects

It’s time for amazing projects

I’m really excited to introduce RuggedProjects, a modern project management workflow that brings a balance in feature capability and user experience for freelancers, teams and agencies looking to upgrade their productivity output.

Chances are you’ve probably cycled through many project management apps that either turn out to be overwhelming with complicated features, have high learning curves or clunky workflows that don’t fit right with your team.

RuggedProjects has been built to solve for the design flaws and feature complexity that lessen adoption and long term use of project management platforms by focusing on 5 key areas:

  1. A beautiful and engaging…

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Christian ~ Technical Account Manager at Google with a passion for GCP, AWS, Terraform & Laravel ~ 🔗paulkamau.com

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